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Czech Music Awards - Český Slavík Mattoni 2015

Campaign target

  • Show young people the internet poll Mattoni Internet Star 2015 and encourage them to vote in it.
  • Bring young people to watch the live ceremony on TV Český Slavík Mattoni 2015


Shopaholic Nicol was asked to give the award to the winner of Mattoni Internet Star. Mattoni also encouraged other popular female Youtubers to help with the preparations.

A series of videos was shot, in which the girls were preparing together (and with the help of their viewers) for the gala evening. During the campaign the content was regularly aired on TV Óčko. The whole campaign was crowned by the report from the ceremony (Slavík), which was aired in the regular program of Shopaholic Nicol called Get Out!

In the first weeks, the Youtubers released teaser for the upcoming event and encouraged the viewers to vote in the Mattoni Internet Star poll. When the polling finished, they shifted their focus on the gala evening itself. At that moment, the viewers also learned that Jirka Král was going to take part and give the award together with Shopaholic Nicol.

We engaged all the Youtuber´s channels - from the videos, through Facebook and Instagram, toSnapchat and Periscope.

Participating Youtubers:
Shopaholic Nicol, Petra Lovelyhair, A Cup of Style, Stylewithme, Týnuš Třešničková, Makyna, Jirka Král, Kovy.


IEA 2015

1. place IEA 2015

Category society, politics and culture

Mattoni Internet Star


The whole campaign started more than a month before the event (Český Slavík Mattoni 2015) was held. The goal of this stage was to communicate that the event was coming and Nicol was going to give one of the awards, and most importantly direct the viewers to vote in the Mattoni Internet Star poll.

Firts week, they aired a video in which Nicol and girls from A Cup of Style and Stylewithme were choosing dresses. At the end of the video, they presented the viewers with three options and let them choose which dress Nicol would wear to the gala (Slavík). After the viewers cast their votes, another video was aired in which the outfit was shows in greater detail. 


Two weeks later Nicol met Petra Lovelyhair and Týnuš Třešničková, who helped her choose the appropriate make-up. Again, the viewers were presented with three options they could choose from. After they voted, another "evaluative" video was aired.

Both the videos and the social network content showed Mattoni branding. On the shooting days, the girls were also using Mattonka Snapchat.

The whole mini-series was also aired on TV Óčko. Each of the girls published one of the videos on her channel. This connects the fan bases of all the girls and the campaign has far greater impact.

Apart from this mini-series, there were also other videos. For example Kovy prepared a special video on “appreciation” (in it, he also directed the viewers to the web poll) and Makyna mentioned that she would show up at the gala (Slavík) as well and also encourages her viewers to vote.



What our clients say

Český Slavík Mattoni

The voting ends and there is only one week left to Slavík. The event itself started being promoted in teasers. The viewers learned that the award will be given by Shopaholic Nicol and Jirka Král.

On the day of the event Nicol met all the girls and they were preparing for the night together. During the whole day, they created a great deal of content for social network (Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat) with a celar goal; to entice the viewers to watch the award ceremony on TV that evening. All of them went to the event itself. Teasing continued even minutes before the giving ceremony.

And even when giving the award, Jirka can´t help himself and livestreams the event from his cell phone. There are post on social networks throughout the night and of course the after party cannot be omitted.

Youtubers then use their videos to report about the event.

The campaign officially ends with a show on Nicol´s channel - her Get Out! show.



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