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Hellmann’s Best Sandwich

Goal of the campaign

  • Increase the consumption of mayonnaise even outside the main "season" (Easter, Christmas) by connecting the product to a sandwich.
  • Educate the domestic market consumers and offer the Youtubers´ viewers an alternative snack or a light meal in the form of a sandwich.
  • Communicate „togetherness“.
  • Bring people to www.receptynakazdyden.cz www.rnkd.cz.
  • Support the newly created Hellmann’s Instagram profile.


We chose six Youtubers and let them prepare, with a little help from their viewers, the best sandwich they can imagine. The Youtubers then show a video in which they were preparing the sandwich with someone close. The sandwich recipe was put on www.rnkd.cz. The Youtubers directed their viewers to this website at the end of the video and encouraged them prepare their own favorite sandwich. They could then share it on Instagram and even win interesting prizes.

Apart from YouTube, the content appeared on other social networks as well; particularly on Facebook and Instagram. The posts included subtle Hellman´s branding.

The campaign lasted a whole month and the content appeared on the Youtubers´ channel succesively. There was a slight overlap (when one Youtuber was finishing, the other started teasing). When selecting the Youtubers, an emphasis was given on their having different audiences, so as to address as many people as possible.

Engaged Youtubers:
Exploited, Matúš, Stejk, Vaďák, Stylewithme, Shopaholic Nicol


Before the videos themselves were shot, we had enabled a trend to appear - a sandwich. Youtubers teased their viewers on social networks and engaged them in the creative process. First, they published a post on Facebook in which they asked their viewers for tips, about their favorite ingredients and other sandwich related things.

Then Instagram posts appeared in which Youtubers released teasers for the video itself. The posts included product placement of Hellmann’s mayonnaise and a brief remark that a video about preparing a sandwich was in the making.


Each of the Youtubers have a different audience and that is why the videos were created in different styles for different ones. Someone took a crazy challenge with their friend, someone made a nice picnic in the park, and someone prepared the largest sandwich.

We took great care so that everything was authentic when we were preparing the final sandwiches with the Youtubers. The point was to have a sandwich that really represents the the Youtuber that prepared it. Stylewithme made a typical Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi, Stejk being an admirer of Great Britain made a classical British sandwich, and Matúš made original „Slovakian Bomb“. Which brings us to the fact that each of the Youtubers could also name their sandwich.

At the end of each video the Youtubers directed the viewers to the website www.rnkd.cz, where they could find the recipe and make the sandwich at home themselves.

Instagram Contest

The whole campaign was crowned by Instagram Contest in which the viewers could win prizes from Hellmann’s itself - a stylish snack bag full of its products. All they needed to do was to share the sandwich they made and follow Hellman´s new profile. The Youtubers shared this Contest on their profiles.


What our clients say



780 000+

YouTube views


150 000+

Facebook reach


800 000+

Instagram followers

Hellman´s Instagram profile gained 3200 new followers.

The new followers stayed with the profile and are active. Only about 15% of them have left; four months after the campaing finished, the Hellman´s profile still has 2700+ followers and the number is growing.