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Youtubers are the most powerful influencers of today. Their impact among young people is many times higher than that of traditional celebrities and other types of influencers from social networks. Their work inspires hundreds of millions of young people around the world every day. Being the voices of their generation they directly influence the shopping decisions and they can change it efficiently.

What can cooperating with us do for you?

Exclusive connection with the most powerful influencers

Tailored content with a broad impact on the target group

Real world tested experience and specialized know¬how

Unique possibilities of Influx system

Partner that executed more than 100 campaigns with Youtubers

Certified company that is a Youtube partner

How does the cooperation work?

Executing a campaign with Youtubers so that it brings the desired results and does not harm a brand´s image is more complicated than it may seem on the surface. That is why we use the process tested by time, which we optimize constantly. The process has eight steps:

1 Education

The first step of every cooperation is to adjust the client´s expectations of possibilities and risks of cooperating with Youtubers. Campaigns with Youtubers are specific and we are here so that we can help You decide, if it is an appropriate promotion for you.

2 Analysis

The second step is a thorough analysis of the client´s demands, based on which we help the client to formulate the brief that would allow us to prepare the most efficient solution tailored to the client´s needs.

3 Brief

Campaigns with Youtubers can, apart from large natural impact, serve different goals in the digital world. The purpose of the brief is to define what goals we will pursue in the campaign and what audience we will target. At the same time, we set the price range and the time schedule of the campaign.

4 Creativity and Mechanics

The fourth step is about preparing the concept of the campaign si that it corresponds fully to the client´s goals and achieves them as efficiently as possible. Our analytical approach helps with that along with our deepest know-how and largest number of executed campaigns in the Central Europe.

5 Selecting the Youtubers

The fifth step is to select the appropriate Youtubers that fit the proposed concept. We have a dedicated Youtube specialist and our own analytical software just for that and that enable us to choose the most appropriate Youtubers according to their current performance, product or service affinity, sociodemographics of the audience and, last but not least, quality and risk of the cooperation.

6 Finalizing the Concept

Finalizing the Concept The last step before we move on to the execution is used to tune up the concept and it is concluded by a binding order. That is preceded by the check of all campaign aspects and settings against our internal checklist, which we use to minimize risks and which we have created based on our valuable experience from more than 100 executed campaigns.

7 Execution

The execution itself then has several substeps of its own and it can last anywhere from 14 days to several months.

  • Contracting the Youtubers for the particular execution in order to minimize the risk and ensure the demanded promo volume.
  • Administration includes everything from creating the particular and detailed mediaplan, communicating and coordinating, to launching the campaign in the Influx system, which helps us to create campaigns with up to hundreds of Youtubers at the same time.
  • Production of the tailored content, during which we guarantee the content authorization before its publishing, and possible above standard production work (event, video).
  • Optimization during the campaign run in order to ensure the best possible efficiency with regard to the current development and trends.

8 Assessment

The cooperation ends with the last step which is assessment. That takes the form of reporting of the results and data for analysis real time in the Influx system and a summary of the cooperation including the recommendations on the ideal further steps in the cooperation.


In our time on the market, we have executed more than 100 advertising campaigns with the most popular Czech and Slovak Youtubers, which has helped us to get to know them really well. We have been cooperating on a long term basis with those that excel in their talent, reliability, and quality of work.


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